Welcome to our site! We’re the kind of cats that loves kids— kids are just like us. They get into all kinds of fun: they love to eat, they love to play, indoors or out… and they are curious (but, as cats we’ve got them beat here!). So we thought to keep them clean and cuddly, warm and protected, happy and cute, we’d design a line of Kid Ware that Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Granddads couldn’t resist. Check out our pad— we are a one-of-a-kind shop. And while you’re shopping away… these cats will play!

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Bibs by Benny & Willow - custom children's clothing Fleece Jackets by Benny & Willow - custom children's clothing
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Our cute baby bibs keep babies and toddlers clean. These wonderful baby bibs protect their clothes from spills. Mom (and sometimes Grammy) can wipe off these easy-care bibs with a wet sponge. Our Designer Baby Bibs are made of a durable vinyl fabric.

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Children Aprons by Benny & Willow - custom children's clothing

Check out Benny & Willow New England toddler fleece jackets-- great for Fall, Winter, and Spring weather. Two styles to choose from: Hooded and Pullover-- both made with warmth and fun in mind.

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Meet Benny & Willow - the cats behind the custom children's clothing

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These kids aprons are the best for painting and grade school projects. We've got lots of styles to choose, lots to tell you about these aprons for kids.

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