Benny & Willow Aprons are very functional. No matter whether your preschooler or grade-schooler is a budding chef, artist, designer or builder, these aprons are a hit! Just look at our Benny & Willow Kids baking cookies in their bright and colorful aprons!

Now that you've seen samples of Benny & Willow aprons, we recommend browsing the current apron designs available for purchase. Visit the Benny & Willow on-line store:

If you don't find what you're looking for, contact our designer to discuss your idea of the perfect apron for your child:

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Why do Benny & Willow Aprons surpass all the rest in QUALITY?

Wendy designs Benny & Willow Aprons just like snowflakes, so no two designs are the same. Wendy will pick up a piece of cloth with a children’s design on it, study it for just a moment, and "see" the apron. She has that unique talent of taking a design idea and bringing it to life.

• Hand Made • Totally Unique Designs • Personal Touch
• Vibrant Colors • Indestructible • FUN...


 • Child-safe tie length
 • Machine Washable
 • Durable Grade Vinyl
 • No hanging threads
 • Over 20 rainbow colors
 • Pockets for play

Apron Sizing:
One size: 4-10 years - $35
Dimensions: 14" x 20"

We stand by our promise of high quality...

"I bought my daughter’s apron in 1997. It was large when Ali got it, but that was a good thing because it covered most of her body. She used it for arts and crafts and she had a large paint easel that it was perfect for. I just gave it away recently in 2006. It was like iron— that sturdy and that dependable. To think that I was able to give it to someone else after all those years!"