Aren't these bibs just adorable? There's a cool dinosaur on Sam's toddler-size bib and a sweet butterfly on Katie's infant-size bib. Our bibs keep infants and toddlers clean and protect their clothes from spills. Mom (and sometimes Grammy) can wipe off these easy-care bibs with only a wet sponge. All our bibs are made of a special, durable vinyl fabric.

Now that you've seen samples of Benny & Willow bibs, we recommend browsing the current bib designs available for purchase. Visit the Benny & Willow on-line store:

If you don't find what you're looking for, contact our designer to discuss your idea of the perfect bib for your child:

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Why do Benny & Willow Bibs surpass all the rest in QUALITY?

Wendy takes great care to add her personal touch to every garment to make this happen. She has researched and studied infant bib construction.

• Hand Made • Totally Unique Designs • Personal Touch • Vibrant Colors • Indestructible • FUN...


 • Child-safe tie length
 • Machine Washable
 • Durable Grade Vinyl
 • No hanging threads
 • Over 20 rainbow colors

Infant Bib Sizing:
1-12 months - $12
Dimensions: 9" x 12"

Toddler Bib Sizing:
1-3 years - $15
Dimensions: 10" x 15"

We stand by our promise of high quality. At an Early Childhood Education Center, Benny & Willow toddler bibs were rigorously tested against bibs bought at other name brand stores. The other brands were made of cloth or a common laminated fabric. In a side-by-side trial, Benny & Willow designs outdid the other bibs in all quality areas. Benny & Willow bibs surpass in quality; that alone has turned infant and toddler shoppers into Benny & Willow buyers.